Establishing a Centre for Employability Excellence

IEP is establishing a Centre for Employability Excellence. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive point of access to research and good practice about ‘what works’ and why in employability, and a discussion forum that is open to all sectors of the employability profession. This resource will help us all to work together, share our insights and develop the quality of employability services.

We have begun our work by establishing a co-operative Advisory Group, which has given us direction and supported our practical steps, including a series of open-access international seminars by leading researchers and exponents, to be followed in due course by open webinars, and an online discussion forum.

The Centre has produced an open-access prototype online searchable catalogue of original research and best practice, and will move on to invite researchers, commissioners, policy makers, employability delivery organisations and employability professionals to contribute their own findings and use this resource to discover the most relevant, informative and useful sources for their work.

The IEP Journal is an established forum for more structured debate around important themes for employability services. It has built a reputation for bringing academic and practical discussions together, to give direction to programme developments.

This work will encourage the application, and support the work of academics and institutions worldwide. It will help to link quality improvement to best practice and learning, so that anyone involved in employability will be able to provide the most effective possible support. It will contribute to commissioning and delivery of high quality, programmes. It will also be an added-value service for all IEP Partners and stakeholders, and we will work with them to ensure they benefit from all the Centre can offer them. And, not least, it will support open discussion of the complex questions that surround any employability delivery.

International dimension

Respecting the international nature of employability services alongside individual country differences, the IEP will invite organisations from our growing links with 12 countries including Sweden, Australia, Canada, KSA, UAE, South Korea, and the Netherlands. Contributors outside this network will also be welcome on equal terms. They all will contribute and benefit from the Centre for Employability Excellence, sharing ideas, research, knowledge, best practice, and effective delivery methods globally.

Working with others

Guided by our Advisory Group and contributors generally we  aim to build partnerships with organisations who can help all to get the maximum value from the Centre. The valuable contributions from our initial partners can only be enhanced by others who will join. Ensuring the Centre operates in an inclusive and open way with a raft of interested and engaged UK and international stakeholders is a key guiding principle from day one.