Client-Centred Employment Service Design

The Centre for Employability Excellence’s Third Virtual Seminar took place on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, where we were joined by our expert speakers, presenting on the topic of ‘Client-centered employment service design’.

It should go without saying that employment services should be centred around the client. Yet, in practice, they can struggle to deliver support which focuses on meeting individual clients’ needs. There can be a preference for top-down programs over tailor-made employability solutions, and a lack of vision about growing and encouraging partnerships to facilitate more holistic services. This seminar will provide an opportunity to debate how client-centred service design can be encouraged, with presentations from Public Employment Services (PES) who have implemented practices to cut through administrative hurdles to enable a client-centred delivery strategy.

The seminar was hosted and moderated by employment service experts, Miguel Peromingo and Eamonn Davern, and included the following presentations and an opportunity for Q & A with each speaker:

Welcome from David Imber FIEP

Introduction from Miguel Peromingo

Moderator – Eamonn Davern

Case Study Netherlands [Sabine Knook and Mario Keer, behavioural scientists at Dutch PES] – Sabine is supporting the design of policies that are in line with people’s needs, motives, and capacities. Currently, she is developing an analytical tool that helps to evaluate the ‘doability’ of the client processes of an employment service.

Mario Keer: Mario has a background in psychology and communication science before joining PES. His research interests include the experience of waiting and how one can improve it for PES clients, and helping clients overcome barriers to broaden their scope when looking for jobs.

Case Study Lithuania [Inga Nomeikienė, Advisor of service organisation and career planning, PES Lithuania] – Inga has extensive experience as a career advisor and case manager. Before joining the Lithuanian PES, she worked in retail and data analysis. She holds degrees in Social Sciences and Economics.

You can watch the video recording of the seminar here

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