Establishing a Quality Improvement Framework for the Employability Sector

IEP have been working to establish a Quality Improvement Framework with and for the sector. We have collaborated with organisations large and small to develop and build the QIF with special thanks to mesma, The Good Employability Company, Fedcap, Ingeus, Serco, Education Development Trust, and the Growth Company who have worked with us on this initiative to drive a culture of progress and positive change in our sector.

The QIF is an extremely important development for the sector, and we look forward to continuing discussions with DWP and all stakeholders throughout this year to further conversations around continuous improvement and meeting established standards and benchmarks. The QIF will provide a roadmap for the sector to systematically identify, address, and learn from areas of improvement, fostering a culture of ongoing excellence and is a hugely exciting development, not just for the IEP but for the whole employability sector in the UK and overseas.